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AIMC 2024 Workshop Submission Template

Published onJan 05, 2024
AIMC 2024 Workshop Submission Template

License: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC-BY 4.0)

AIMC 2024 welcomes the submission of Workshop Proposals. Workshops may be in any area of AIMC themes or topics. Typical AIMC workshops might be half-day or full-day workshops, with some specialized workshops with shorter times (one or two hours).

Workshop Title

The workshop title, as it will appear in the conference program.

Description (up to 750 words)

This should tell us what the workshop is about (e.g. theme, topics, knowledge gained, techniques concepts, skills) and how it will be conducted.  It should describe the topic, activities, methods and relevance of the workshop.

Short Description (up to 70 words)

A short description for the conference program.


List the Workshop organizer(s). For each organizer, include:

  • Organizer name, affiliation, and contact information

  • Short bio (up to 200 words). This should include the organizer’s background relating to the proposed topic.

Additional Speakers (optional)

List any speakers or participants that are not the organizers. Include the speaker name, affiliation, and contact information.

Preferred Length of Workshop

Specify one of: half-day, full-day, or number of hours

Technical and Space Requirements

What are the technical and space requirements for this Workshop, e.g. projector, speakers, computers, soldering equipment, etc. What is the plan and feasibility of the workshop in contingencies of conference format and organizer/speaker/attendee presence: consider in-person, virtual, and blended modes, and whether virtual and blended formats are possible for this Workshop.

Links to Supporting Media (optional)

Place links to supporting audiovisual materials and online documentation for your workshop. This can include a website for the workshop, etc.

Ethics Statement

An ethics statement has to be included in all workshop submissions. Please note that this section is not included in the total word count. In this section, authors are encouraged to reflect on any ethical issues connected with their research.

•          Information on how matters of accessibility, inclusion and sustainability have been addressed in their work

•          Details on how issues of data privacy and socio-economic unfairness have been mitigated

•          If the research involved human participants: informed consent, participant selection, remuneration, post-research

•          Information regarding sources of funding

•          Potential conflicts of interest (financial or non-financial)

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